October Bullet Journal – A Walk-Through

October CoverI am, admittedly, late in sharing this, but I wanted to show you all my October Bullet Journal setup.  I kept it fairly simple this month – no 30-Day Challenges this time around!  I did, however, keep with my monthly collections and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing how I use my Bullet Journal!

October Monthly

I have strayed from the traditional monthly log as outlined by Ryder Carroll over at Bullet Journal.com.  I tend to have more meetings and appointments added as the month goes on and one line per day just never worked for me.  You can also see some bleed through from where I stamped and then colored the images on my October “cover” page, but that doesn’t tend to bother me much.

October Gratitude

Next up is my Tasks page.  I tend to have waaaay too much going on each month to be able to incorporate my monthly calendar and tasks on the same page, so I’ve settled for this set-up.  It’s working well for me (for now!) and as you can see, it’s only partially filled in.

Right after that is my Gratitude Log.  I know that some people like to doodle their gratitudes but I prefer to write mine out.  I tend to do one per day although for quite some time I was doing 3.  I may re-think this in November and go back to at least 2 per day, but…I said that coming into October too.

October Trackers

This, to me, is really the most important set of collections that I have each month.  I find that tracking my habits (or the things I want to make a habit of) does help to keep me on the straight and narrow – but I do allow myself some give, and I don’t beat myself up when all of those squares aren’t full at the end of the month.

Underneath that, I track my mood (morning and evening).  I use that to correlate to the Fibro Symptom tracker as well as the Habit Tracker to see if there’s anything I’m doing – or not doing! – that may help keep everything manageable.  As you can see, October is going well for me so far.

October Trackers II

My Exercise Log is pretty straightforward.  It’s where I track my exercise!

The Don’t Forget spread though…well, I use that to remind myself of some of the most basic tasks.  No, I don’t necessarily need to remember to brush my teeth twice a day, but I do need to remember to put lotion on, take my vitamins…and it serves as a daily checklist before I go to bed to ensure that I’m not letting myself get away with blowing off something like planning for tomorrow – or falling asleep with my contacts in.  Brain Fog is never fun, but this “Daily Do” List has helped me to form, and maintain, basic good habits.  Well, for the most part!

October Sleep Log

My Sleep Log has been a staple of my monthly collections for a while now.  Ostensibly, I should be figuring out a way to use it to establish better sleep habits, although it hasn’t quite worked out that way.  I do like to see how much sleep I’m not getting though.  And this month, I broke down and bought the Fitbit Alta HR which gives a much clearer quality of sleep picture.  I’m definitely seeing trends already and using this to log those hours and trends has been, well, enlightening.  I’m not sure that I’ll incorporate this again in November, although it can be helpful when thinking about symptom management and discussing options with my Doc.

October DailyFinally, my basic Daily Spreads.  The color coded time bar is more an idea of how my ideal day will go each day and it serves as a quick glance to tell me what I think I should be doing when.  Yes, I know…I didn’t include a basic weekly spread this time.  I use those as a simple frame of reference when setting up my Dailies, but I can tell you it looks much like the Monthly Log.

Well, that’s my October for you!  I hope you gained something useful out of this, especially if you’re embarking on your own Bullet Journal journey!

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