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Plan with Me – May 2018 Bullet Journal Walkthrough

I can’t believe that it’s May already! This month snuck up on me and I almost, almost wasn’t prepared. I found myself cramming to get May in my Bullet Journal set up last week and somehow…I made it! I thought that it would be nice to share my May layout with all of you before it got too cluttered with, well, being filled in!

As you can see, I have moved to a Traveler’s Notebook. This beauty from Elrohir Leather was my Yule gift to myself and no, it’s not three dimensional! One of my dear friends got me a matching pocket sized journal for my birthday.

This is actually…a mistake. I was using a coffee can lid to trace the circle I was going to try to turn into a flower wreath, but as you can see, I made a mistake. So, rather than try to cover it up, I ended up making it into a sort of interesting bit of abstractness to welcome May. Frankly, this circle really embodies my state of mind entering into this month. I thought about colouring it in but ultimately decided against it (as you can clearly see).


Next up, my monthly Future Log. I tried the traditional Bullet Journal log as Ryder Carroll invented it, which is simply a line by line for each day of the month, but my schedule changes so frequently, and so many meetings and appointments ended up getting added that, well, it just wasn’t enough space. In the end, I’ve settled on this calendar. If you’re wondering, each box is 6.5×7 dot grid squares.


Then, we come to my monthly tasks. As you can see, I separate my tasks by general category – and like my Future Log, I leave a lot of room because these columns tend to fill up as the month goes on, especially the work column! On that note, I updated my white board for May at work today and noted that I have a lot to add to the Work column already. I’m…I’m not sure how I feel about that, actually…


I tend to order my monthly layouts in order of precedence. In other words, the things that are absolutely the most important to me to keep on top of. My Gratitude Log is absolutely a priority, no matter how tired I am or how bad the Fibro is on a given day. I always make time to find at least two things to be grateful for each day. Sometimes it’s not easy, but when I finally find those things on a bad day, it makes the day just a little bit better.


Next up, my Habit and Sleep Trackers. The Habit Tracker was designed by Kara Benz of Boho Berry, and you can get these trackers in hard copy or digital format from her Etsy shop, Boho Berry Paperie.


On the Habit Tracker, there is also a mood tracking bar with two lines for morning and evening because, let’s face it, it’s rare to be in the same mood all day! I also added a morning, mid-day, and evening Fibro pain tracker to this. I really like having one snapshot to see how the Fibro pain, my mood, and what I have or haven’t done on a given day somehow might correlate. And that’s also why I keep my Sleep Tracker on the adjacent page. Sleep does play such a huge role in chronic autoimmune flareups, not to mention mood and, of course, how much energy you have to maintain those healthy habits.


As a side note, I actually track certain things in one of my TN inserts – habits that I used to track on the monthly tracker but I want to see a full year’s snapshot. We’ll talk about that in my next post!

Ah, the Workout Log. This is an excerpt from a full digital Fitness Planner that I ordered from Paper Scribbles Co (also on Etsy) last year. I’ve experimented with designing my own layouts, but I always end coming back to this one and printing it out on sticker paper. This spread actually spans three pages as I’ve started to expand my workouts.

Finally, the last of the monthly layout pages – My May Correspondences. I have been re-connecting with my own beliefs and spirituality and have been trying to incorporate that more into my Bullet Journalling. I like to have a quick reference guide for each month, and started doing this back in February.

Well, that’s it for my month of May! I hope you enjoyed this walk-through. In my next post, I’ll be discussing my TN inserts, and also giving you a basic walk-through of how I’ve been setting up my weekly and daily spreads – and why I use the layouts I do!

Also, stay tuned for the Renaissance Magpie YouTube channel coming later this summer! I can’t wait to be able to share these walk-throughs and other creative tutorial videos with you!

What do you feel is essential in your monthly layouts? Share with us in the comments!

Disclaimer – I receive NOTHING if you click on any of the links in this post.  They are shared purely to show you what I use and how – and to give you a reference point for purchase if you’re inspired to try any of these supplies or stores yourself!  I am not paid or sponsored by any entity or corporation.

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