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Using a Traveler’s Notebook with Bullet Journal

Hey everyone! I mentioned in my my last post that I had moved my Bullet Journal to a Traveler’s Notebook (TN) system and promised I’d share more with you, so here it is.  Let’s talk about the TN and Bullet Journal hybrid – a best of both worlds!

I have to admit, I was hesitant about this whole idea at first.  It seemed that using a TN and the associated inserts with the Bullet Journal spat in the very face of the Bullet Journal concept which was to streamline and simplify your planning (I know, I know…hyperbole much? 😀 ) but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this could actually work without taking away from bullet journaling!

For one thing, for busy people, migrating “permanent” spreads into a new bullet journal is daunting.  I was, well, am, no exception to that rule, and I realized that some of these spreads that I consider permanent or at least long-term (like my annual goals and bucket lists) might be better off in a TN insert.  So, I bit the bullet (er…sorry…) and bought a TN from Elrohir Leather as a Yule gift to myself.

A few things about this TN – All of their TNs and journals are made by hand, so if you want one tomorrow, or for dirt cheap, I’d recommend going to Michael’s instead.  Just remember though, you get what you pay for…

Anyhoo – it took a while to get the TN but they’re super responsive to messages and really wonderful people who put out an amazing product.  The leather is beautiful quality and I’ve had this for over 6 months now.  It goes everywhere with me and hasn’t suffered a ding or scratch yet which must be some kind of record for me, to be honest.  Bonus – my bullet journal doesn’t get mucked up in my backpack anymore either!

While I liked the inserts that this came with, the paper didn’t hold up to the ink tests I gave it with my Pilot Metro fountain pen (I use the MR Retro Pop Collection pen in turquoise for my day-to-day note taking and writing…for the most part), and there was bleed through with the Faber Castell PITT artist pen I use for planning too.

Sooo, it was back to Boho Berry Paperie for me to get a few heavy duty TN inserts that I knew would meet my needs.  As an aside, I received a Perpetual Calendar TN insert from the Boho Berry subscription box back in January which could not have been more perfect for this TN/Bullet Journal hybrid setup.

As you can see, the Perpetual Calendar insert is already well worn and used, but it has saved me so much time, and as I get ready to move to a new bullet journal in June, it’s going to be that much easier!

The next insert is the Follow Your Arrow design, which I felt was perfect for mapping out and monitoring my goals for 2018, and for creating my Year in Pixels trackers that you see here.  I wanted to have a year-long look at certain healthy habits (e.g., step goals, hydration, exercise that I had previously tracked in my monthly spreads.  For me, it’s more helpful to be able to compare months side-by-side as you can with this type of layout to see where you may need improvement, or motivate yourself to keep doing the right thing!

Finally, the insert that came with the TN has been delegated as a “Work Meeting Notes” book.  I always maintained a separate notebook just for work notes, but now, I have everything in one place and, if I’m working from home, I can easily refer to my meeting notes (when needed, of course) without grabbing yet another notebook from the office to take with me!  You can see what I mean in this picture about the ink bleed though.  Nevertheless, the paper is good quality.

So, here you have it – using a TN as part of the Bullet Journal System.  It definitely saves time when it comes to migrating spreads that can be maintained indefinitely in inserts instead!

One last thing, I thought I would combine topics in this post and also share my weekly and daily layouts with you, but that’s going to be a post for next week – and I’ll be doing a June Plan With Me as well as showing you my migration into my next Bullet Journal not long after that, so stay tuned for more!

I’d love it if you shared your thoughts about the TN versus the traditional Bullet Journal in the comments below!

Disclaimer – I receive NOTHING if you click on any of the links in this post.  They are shared purely to show you what I use and how – and to give you a reference point for purchase if you’re inspired to try any of these supplies or stores yourself!  I am not paid or sponsored by any entity or corporation.

9 thoughts on “Using a Traveler’s Notebook with Bullet Journal”

  1. I love the idea of these journals. I’ve only gotten into the bullet journal and have to say I end up just using it like a normal journal to write my thoughts. I’m keen to try out a traveler’s notebook.


    1. That’s what I love about Bullet Journaling! It’s so flexible. Iny next journal I’ll be incorporating more spiritual spreads and journaling myself. I love having everything right here in one book.

      I’d love to hear how your experience with Travelers Notebook work turns out!


      1. It definitely is flexible. I think I’m still trying to work out how to use it and my journaling style. And I love the idea of a traveler’s notebook for having multiple journals in one book. Not sure if that will work for me, but want to give it a go.


  2. I use a journal and bullet journal in my TN, too, using the journal for most things while using the bullet journal as a notebook for appointments, keeping track of what, when & where I shoot on my film camera etc. things that don’t fit into the chronologic journal I use as a diary, for thoughts, ideas, memories…


  3. Hi, I too have moved to a th. Just blogged about it today and I bought it from the same folks! You’ll see it if you pop over to my blog 🙂 I’ve been using an insert for my business goals editorial calender, another for my accounts and another for hand lettering 🙂 I do find the tn to be bulky, heavy and the leather hard but I’m sure it will soften up with use? I applaud you buying from Wales! I’m in Scotland and usually trying to buy stuff from across the pond! 🙂 Happy bullet journaling! 🙂


  4. I had been eyeing a traveler’s notebook for a long time, so I was very curious to see how it worked out for you. I think after I finish the last book I’m writing in that I may take the plunge. The thing that interests me is the customizable nature of the book. There are all kinds of inserts that you can find so I would imagine it would lend itself to bullet journaling. If you fill up one section, simple switch it out for a new one. The main apprehension I have is that any good materials that I would want to use for a bullet journal I would have to order.

    It looks like you were able to adapt to the style of the traveler’s notebook fairly easily. Is this something you think you may stick with, or move to something else when the time comes. I’d be curious to see a follow up post to discuss your experience with the book after you have filled it up. I enjoyed your review about the book you had. I love the idea of a handmade leather cover on the book that holds up better to most store bought books. It’s like once you get one you wondered how you ever got on without it before.

    swap-bot name: MitchR


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