Bullet Journalling

Bullet Journal Weekly and Daily Layouts

Last week, I shared my Traveler’s Notebook with you, and how I incorporate my Bullet Journal into that system.  As promised, this week I’m going to share my weekly and daily spreads!  Of course, I actually changed my weekly spread layout for this week, so I have two different layouts to share.  That’s the beauty of this system though – when you get tired of one layout, or find that it no longer serves you, you can change it up the next day or the next week!  So let’s dive right in, shall we?

The weekly layout I had been using for the last couple of months was inspired by Boho Berry (because of course it was).  This is a great layout for your weekly spread if you don’t like to do dailies as well.  The column length is totally customizable and it can give you plenty of space to add tasks and events without adding the task boxes at the bottom as I did, especially if you have set days for accomplishing certain tasks.

This layout was not yet filled in, but I didn’t use all of the space just for events and the odd tasks I needed to remember for a specific due date.  I used the blank space to journal about my days – something I feel that I don’t do enough of.  While it’s true that I do morning stream of consciousness writing (more about that next week!), I don’t count it as journaling, so using the space in the columns to write out little bits about the day was a nice way to wrap up my evening.


Nevertheless, I found that setting this up each week was a bit tedious and for me, the layout wasn’t as easy to work with, so I changed it!  This is a slight variant of my older weekly spread, one I’d used for almost a year.  I like that this allows me the space to “spread out”.  The previous spread was starting to feel too cramped, especially if I had to cross something off my list.  This spread allows me room for error, and space to journal too.


Finally, the Daily Layout.  I know that some people find it to be a bit much, doing both a weekly and a daily, especially if your weekly layout is more elaborate and basically contains everything you need.  I, however, like both.  I like to generally plan the tasks for the week in advance, then see what I need to accomplish as each day goes by – and schedule my tasks around my (and my boyfriend’s) events and appointments.  No two weeks are the same, so this helps me to ensure that I manage my time wisely each day.  It also really helps to sit down at night to plan for the next day.  I can wake up in the morning and already have an idea of how my day should or will go.


The time bar is a snapshot of how I would like my day to go – not how it must go.  On busier days, it can help keep me on task and from getting too wrapped up and overwhelmed by one thing.  I can glance at the time, and the time bar, and say, “OK.  I’ve done enough of this thing today.  It’s time to move on to something else.”

I also track the weather and moon phases each day.  The weather, of course, helps me decide what I’m going to lay out to wear to work the next day and the moon phases are important to me for personal reasons.

I’ve experimented with a lot of different layouts for my daily pages, including full-page dailies, but I always return to this simple, colourful, and efficient (for me) spread.

How about you?  What kind of weekly and daily planning do you prefer?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

And I’d love to see you back here next week when I take a break from the Bullet Journal posts and talk about daily routines, and why I do what I do (like morning stream of consciousness journaling!).

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