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Plan With Me – July

Hey everyone!  Wow.  I can’t believe that June is almost over already!  I know that I’d promised a June Plan With Me post, as well as a journaling challenge, but once again, life reared it’s head and conspired against my productivity.  This time, however, it was for a positive thing!  We spent every bit of our free time moving my S/O out of his house in June, and into mine.  But it’s not over yet.  We’re moving again at the end of August, this time, to what will be to our house, which is so exciting!  What’s not so exciting is the packing and actually moving piece.  Because of this, I’m refraining from any in-depth snail mail and art swapping until at least mid-September, and I won’t have a lot of time to spend here over the summer either.

Nevertheless, we shall persevere and I will definitely be back to weekly posting once we’re settled in to our new place.  I felt bad that I didn’t get the June Plan With Me Posted though, so I wanted to ensure that you got a July Plan With Me!  Read on to see what I’ve done – and what mistakes I made this month!

INTENTION SETTING – I decided that, as I continue on my Mindfulness Journey, I wanted to set an intention, not just for my next 6 months, but a smaller one for each month in between.  So I’ve added this page to my layout!  The idea is that I review my 6-Month Intention spread each month and see where I need more work.


MONTHLY CALENDAR AND TASKS – This doesn’t change much from month-to-month, to be honest.  The only change for July is the removal of a Swap column and addition of a Moving column.  Since I’ve scaled back so much on my swaps, I was able to just put what little I’ll be doing in the Personal column instead.

GRATITUDE LOG – Again, this doesn’t change from month-to-month.  It’s super important to me and I always make sure that I find two things I’m grateful for at the end of each day.  I personally hand write my gratitudes, but there loads of different ideas out there, from doodling an expression of gratitude to calendar or wheel type spreads too.  For me, I like to keep this simple.


HABIT AND WORKOUT TRACKERS – The Habit and Workout Trackers are more staples of my monthly spread.  The only thing that may change here is what habits I want to start (or keep) tracking.  I discussed this a bit in a previous post, but for July, I’ve removed some things that are definitely ingrained habits that no longer require accountability, and added some new things that I need to maintain accountability on until they become as natural as brushing my teeth each morning!

JULY DIVINATION – As part of my spiritual practice, I added a divination spread back in June, and will keep this moving forward.  I use the Celtic Tree Oracle cards when conducting this work, and I like to review the results as the month goes on to see where I’m making progress (based on the reading), and what perhaps makes more or less sense as the month unfolds.


CORRESPONDENCES – This layout has also been a staple for several months, but I’ve added more decoration to it as each month goes on.  As you can see, I also made a pretty massive mistake.  First, I dropped the fully inked sun and moon stamp, ink side down (because of course!) on the page.  I covered that with stickers, but then I closed the journal whilst the ink was still, apparently, damp.  Oops!  Rather than re-do the spread though, I’m going to live with it and use it as a reminder to go slower and exercise more patience in my work.  It’s a mistake – it’s not the end of the world.  As a recovering perfectionist, this is a huge thing for me to acknowledge and get over!


MOVING SPREAD – Finally, the moving layout.  I haven’t added titles here yet – I’m still researching how, exactly, I’d like this to look.  You can also see my “mistake” bled through the page pretty prominently.  Rather than cover it with stickers, I elected to leave it alone.  I can write over it and again, get over it.


That’s it for July!  I hope that you enjoyed this walk-through, and I promise I’ll be back with a bang after we move, but I’ll be checking in with you in the interim and I will have a Bullet Journal Migration post coming next week!

5 thoughts on “Plan With Me – July”

  1. I love this set up so much! I especially love your intention page, I feel like thats a great thing to include in a journal! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m always curious to see what journal setups others use. I find myself updating my format or sections with each book, so it’s encouraging to see others making changes or adjustments to theirs as well. Having recently moved myself, I feel your pain on working through the transition. Moving does consume a lot of your time and we don’t have the availability to do all the things we like or used to do until everything is settled. I wish you luck with this.
    I like the gratitude section you have set up. I see more people do this as I see what others are up to in their journals. With so much negativity out in the world, it’s important to focus on what is good in life. Seeing value in the things you have, the people in your life, and the blessings you enjoy that many others don’t is important. Is the entire journal a bullet journal/habit tracker, or is there room for entries that read more like journal entries, with these sections giving a more overview of the book’s contents? The journal you appear to be working out of has plenty of pages in it and there might be plenty of room after all these are set up to write about things in more detail. Maybe the sections are evenly spaced throughout and you work on them all concurrently.
    I’m a big fan of calendars and to-do lists. I have started a new journal and I think I will sprinkle more calendars in my stuff. I like having both a monthly view and a weekly breakdown. How do your different columns work for you in this journal? Are they a collection of to-do lists that you add to them, or are they a collection of events that you stack as they happen?
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  3. Firstly, congrats on the move!!! YAY!!!!!! Let me know your new addy when you have it as I have some housewarming sharpies for you! 🙂 AND, I think I am finally close to being done with your surprise that I’ve been working on for what … 1.5 years now? LOL. Ooops.

    These are all really great ideas for layouts / tracking. I think I could definitely benefit from the correspondences layout. I am so overwhelmed by how behind I’ve become with letters, and staring at the bucket of “to respond to” mail is just … even more overwhelming. I think a nice list will help, and I can put the bucket away until I need to pull a letter from it.

    Also, it never occured to me to STOP tracking something once it’s a habit … this is a great idea, and one I will keep in mind once I do get my bullet journal up and running the way I want it to.


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