Disconnecting, setting priorities

A Long Time Coming

It’s been, well, a really long time since I last posted here. It wasn’t that I didn’t have things to say, or ideas to share, or products to tell you about. Rather, it’s life. From a life-altering event in our home last year to all of the reality-shaping events that have brought us, the collective us, to where we are today, I haven’t been able to really feel into the reasons that I began this endeavour nearly 3 years ago.

This isn’t, however, good-bye. Rather, it’s an acknowledgement that I’ve been silent and that I’m still holding space for this – and for you. I also want to make space for a new adventure as I’m growing my spiritual practise, so to those of you who may be interested in ocean spirituality, I would say, stay tuned. I’m still working through a lot right now, but I’m slowly but surely finding my way back to the light.

Finally, I posted this to the Renaissance Magpie Facebook page, but I want to leave it here to ensure that there are no questions about where Renaissance Magpie stands: Black Lives Matter. For too long, the BlPOC community in the US and abroad has suffered at the hands of systemic and overt racism, and we are all responsible for enabling this. Whether it’s through our silence, our inaction, our voting history, the words we use when we speak to anyone, or the words we use with ourselves, non-POC/BlPOC must do better. We must acknowledge our role in this lifelong trauma we’ve inflicted upon the BlPOC and POC we live and work and exist with – and do better. Support BlPOC owned businesses. Donate to bail funds, the NAACP, the BLM movement/chapters. And for the love of everything you hold near and dear, understand your privilege. Understand that you may have grown up dirt poor, abused, and at the bottom of the barrel compared to white peers, but you still grew up never having to worry about being targeted by the police, by your neighbours, by strangers, by passersby, for your skin colour.

This statement, dear readers, is inarguable and to diminish it is, itself, an act of racism. On this matter, I will not waiver. I would lose readership than have any single BlPOC or POC visitor to this site, my Twitter, Facebook, or IG wonder, for even a moment, where I stand.

To the BlPOC and POC communities, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my own complicity in my inaction and lack of understanding, truly, what was happening. I’m sorry and I won’t remain silent anymore. Sorry doesn’t begin to make amends, but right now, this is what I can offer you. I have already put my money where my mouth is and donated. I’ve been calling out racism even when I know it’s going to cost me relationships. I am striving to learn more and I hope that everyone reading this does this same.