Not too long ago, I had it all – until I lost it.  A combat veteran, I was eventually entered into a program for homeless veterans where I rediscovered my voice, my pen, my brush, and joie de vie.

I began to write poetry and prose again, and I even started painting, something that prior to, I had not really done.  Not long after, I won the Glasshouse Shelter Project poetry award, and had one of my paintings featured in a local community art show.

Since then, I’ve been published both online and in print, and have been commissioned for mixed media canvases and framed art.  Both my writing and artist profiles and portfolios are a work in progress and will be published later in 2018.

These days, I live in the metro Boston area in my small, urban oasis.  I work full-time but I can never stay still.  I manage two groups over on Swap-Bot that speak to my heart – Renaissance Magpies, a group for exchanging letters, pocket letters, artist trading cards (ATCs), journals, and all things shiny; and The Writer’s Well, a place for all writers, from the novice to the published author, to get together and swap writing.

I am also a mother to a disarminly intelligent, sarcastic, gamer-girl and self-professed nerd child who lives full-time with her father, active in my veteran community, an avid letter writer, traveler, cook, novice photographer (because Boston is seriously such a photogenic city), volunteer in our Community Growing Center, bullet journaler (BuJo obsessed is probably more accurate), and a Fibromyalgia “sufferer”.

My goal in this blog is to share all of these facets of my life with you, and hopefully inspire you to truly live your best life, find your balance, highlight positivity, and showcase what I hope is inspiring art, crafts, recipes, and more.