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Let’s Talk About Pens, Baby!


Disclaimer:  I receive NOTHING if you click on any of the links in this post.  They are shared purely to show you what I use and to give you a reference point for purchase.  I am not paid or sponsored by any entity or corporation.

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over, but it is…and as the summer draws closed, I’m returning to my sense of connectedness, both online and via snail mail.  This topic came to mind when I was thinking about my Bullet Journaling 101 post where I addressed some of the most frequently asked questions and statements made with respect to this journey.  One of the questions discussed was on pens, specifically finding a pen that doesn’t bleed or ghost.  Well, the answer was (and still is!) that it’s not the pen, it’s the paper you’re writing on…but there is a sort of sister question that goes along with this, and it’s one I didn’t address.  That is:  What’s your go to pen?  And boy wow, have I gone through some pens lately!  So, with that in mind I decided to share some of my go-to pens, past and present, and answer a few more pen FAQs along the way.

When you’re deciding what pen to use you do need to keep your paper quality in mind if ghosting or bleeding is going to bother you.  Personally, I don’t mind minimal ghosting, but when it overpowers the dot grid on the back of the page, it’s too much for me.  The other thing to think about, and for some reason this is rarely talked about, is longevity.  Ink does eventually break down, fade, and become unreadable over time.  Things like exposure to the elements or light will definitely hasten that process, but if you’re like me, you want to make a lasting impression.  That is one of the reasons I use archival ink pens for the meat of my bullet journals – and by meat, I mean the entries themselves, not so much the frills. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Pens, Baby!”