Let’s Talk About (My) Pinterest Fail…

It’s Friday, the end of my week, and I thought, You know, Phe…let’s end this week on a light note.  To that end, I thought I would share one of my many Life Blooper Reels with you because, let’s face it, that archive is getting full.

So, among my friends it’s no secret that I like to batch cook my lunches for the work week – and I really like to try healthy(-ier) recipes.  Pinterest has been my go to source for new recipes for a while now, but it’s also fairly well known that no recipe survives initial contact with me.  I am, when all is said and done, a fairly decent cook.  I tend to tweak recipes to make them “better”, and usually, I just use them as general guidelines though when I’m cooking gluten-free foods, I tend to follow them to the letter.  (Full Disclaimer – I am not a Celiac sufferer and don’t often go down the GF road however, I have found that when making healthier snacks, eliminating flour and processed sugars, including coconut sugar, makes for a still satisfying, much better for you snack.)

Of course, even following certain recipes to the letter is never a guarantee of success, as anyone who remembers the Saga of the Sadness Muffins can tell you…but, tonight, we’re not talking about the Sadness Muffins.  We’re still trying to suppress that memory a year later… Continue reading “Let’s Talk About (My) Pinterest Fail…”